PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) donated 250,000 baht to the Teach For Thailand Foundation

It is our pleasure and honor to see that the first donor to the Teach for Thailand Foundation, PTTEP, is still supporting us today and helping us engage in change by donating 250,000 baht in January 2023

     It is our pleasure and honor to see that the first donor to the Teach for Thailand Foundation, PTTEP, is still supporting us today and helping us engage in change by donating 250,000 baht in January 2023.

     Since the foundation was established 10 years ago, our main mission has always been to “Build a Network of Fellows who will impact Thai Education.” This concept takes time for all stakeholders to understand as well as to accomplish.

On 24th January 2023, Mr. Pongthai Wilairueangsuwan, senior manager in the policy and human resources department, along with Mr. Yossarun Pichiansunthorn from PTTEP Walking-Running Club, represented the company to make a donation of 250,000 baht from the Fit Firm Fun project to Teach for Thailand Foundation. Mr. Jackson Choo, head of shared services, represented the company as the grantee.

What does the word ‘fellow’ mean? 

How do we build a network of fellows?

And, most importantly, how can the Fellow Network make education better?

     The Teach for Thailand Foundation believes that the problem of Thai education cannot be solved by merely one person or any one unit. To give every child an equitable opportunity to access quality education, the change must be engaged not only in the classrooms but also in a system-wide manner. We are not just talking about the education system. The economic system also has an impact on it because if the economy deteriorates, many families may need to pull their children out of school to help support the family. The public health system also plays a major role because if a child is sick and unable to access treatment, they are unable to go to school. The transportation system is one factor that cannot be overlooked because many children still cannot imagine how to get themselves to their classrooms.

     Every system has an effect, and the majority of people would never understand these problems at all if they did not have hands-on experience and see with their own eyes. This is why the Foundation believes in putting our fellows in the role of teachers for two years. By doing this, they will be transformed from “leaders” into “leaders of change in education” because when they experience these problems with their own hearts, it will be difficult to ignore them.

     The Fellowship Program alumni permeate every industry and use their experience combined with an understanding of the root cause of educational problems to drive change in their own way. Many alumni decide to continue teaching after completing the project. Many work with the government to drive change at the policy level. And many who cannot stand the problems set up their own foundations to drive thechange.

     Ten years ago, we did not have these stories to confirm our idea, but PTTEP have the faith  and decided to be our first donor that day.

     Although a long time has passed, PTTEP still sees that the fellowship program continues to create a positive impact on Thai education and has supported the foundation with a donation of 250,000 baht this year.

     The Foundation was able to send more than 100 fellows to teach in 50 schools in 15 provinces across the country last year, and PTTEP’s support will be another important part to encourage the expansion of the program to reach more than 20,000 students in 2023.

About PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited

     PTTEP is committed to conducting business by taking into account the balance of three important elements: business, society, and environment. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) have been adopted as a guideline for business operations. The company supports equitable and inclusive educational opportunities. The organization offers scholarships from primary to higher education in all areas of operation through an annual scholarship program. There are also ongoing scholarships at the bachelor’s degree level for students in the Company’s operational areas both domestically and internationally. In addition, the company also supports the project of preschool child development centers in the Republic of Indonesia. In Thailand, PTTEP and PTT Group established Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) and Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology to enhance education and develop research in science and technology, to encourage sustainable competitiveness for the country’s development.