Right Decisions that Impact Schools and Communities

"Khru Friend, have made a real impact on students' confidence when they approach teachers and understand their challenges. This led to more resources for Wang Nuea Wittaya School," shared Tewin Yenjai, the Director of the school in Lampang Province. He praised Chaiyawin Sutthiboon, an 8th-cohort fellow, for teaching science and offering psychological counseling, providing extra support to students.

"Teach For Thailand teachers are skilled and modern, focusing on skills, participation, and sparking ideas in children," he added. "After students spoke with school administrators, we saw improvements – they were more open to talking to teachers, and a platform was created for personal and various issue questions."

Collaborating with schools and communities is a core part of our mission to broaden our impact. For Teach For Thailand, leadership means taking the right actions to drive progress for themselves and others. Fellows use leadership to develop themselves, their students, and the community.

Friend-Chaiyawin Sutthiboon

     Em (Tanit Klaewyotha), Teach For Thailand’s Regional Manager, once visited a student’s home along with Friend due to a dropout case that needed follow-up. They engaged with the child, village elders, and parents to find the true answers.

     “Regarding home visits for students, Teach For Thailand teachers would visit homes along with advisory teachers,” the school director noted.

     When it comes to community engagement, Suwimon Wattanapa, a 6th-cohort fellow, explained, “We regularly met with Khru Sor Yor and Kor Karn Khru (Teacher Network) in Khon Kaen Province to focus on educational change and development, emphasizing the importance of students and the community. We invited participants from various sectors like the Chamber of Commerce, former municipal mayors, public health officials, and received collaboration from Thai PBS and TCDC Khon Kaen, a design innovation center.”

     “We explored Khon Kaen’s education potential and characteristics, discussing what was interesting and what could be improved.”

Friend-Chaiyawin Sutthiboon and his students from Wang Nuea Wittaya School

     “In addition, we organized joint courses with Kor Karn Khru Khon Kaen (Khon Kaen Teacher Network) and Inskru for teachers from different provinces, enabling them to apply their newfound knowledge in their classrooms.”

     Phor Boon, Suthat Suwan, a member of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization in Huai Pong Village, Lampang Province, shared his thoughts on working with Teach For Thailand fellows in the community.

     “We appreciate Teach For Thailand teachers because they teach students wholeheartedly and invest time in the children,” he said. “Their process involves gathering community leaders and parents to address student-related issues, curriculum, teaching, and community matters.”

White - Suwimon Wattanapa organized activities with local educational stakeholders

     Phor Boon is also part of the community selection committee that helps choose fellows from within the community. “I’m glad they let us decide the types of teacher based on community leaders’ intentions and dreams, which is highly relevant.”

     The impact of fellows can extend surprisingly to schools and communities, as experienced by Director Salee Cherdchoo from Srirakratbamroong School in Prachin Buri. She witnessed a transformation initiated by the presence of fellows.

     “When we hear ‘leader,’ we wonder why the school expects two teachers to change the school. We have a direct responsibility. So, why not step up to become change leaders?” Director Sali pointed out.

     “Teachers in the school and I, as the director, grew alongside the fellows, passing on this growth to the students. We all want to see change in Srirakratbamroong School. Students must also rise as change leaders. It’s about creating added value where everyone becomes change leaders together.”

Director Salee Cherdchoo with TFT fellows

     Teach For Thailand’s mission to enhance education and weave a better future continues to progress and profoundly impacts education at large. It begins with children and extends to schools and communities, addressing issues with understanding.

     Through community engagement, Teach For Thailand hosts Collective Vision forums with schools and communities or aligns with existing community visions, facilitating discussions about the desired educational future. In the past decade, we’ve conducted Collective Vision sessions up to 15 times, and this number will keep growing, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Learn more about our Collective Vision here.

     Additionally, our Community Selection process ensures that fellows truly understand the community, enabling them to work with the community while driving change in the classroom. To date, we have recruited 20 fellows through this process. Hear the voice of our Community Selection here.